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Manna - Creamy Chocolate

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Made for busy lives & mindful diets. Planned nutrition for the go-getter! A meal in a bottle, blended to help you reduce time in food preparation, hoard less on groceries, and watch your nutritional intakes & diets better.

  • Go healthy! Ditch the unhealthy instant noodles & canned goods. Cut back on the horrible amounts of sodium, sugar and the lack of proper vitamins & minerals.
  • Save time & money! For the price of a fast food meal, get something that is actually GOOD for you daily. Take back your immune system, feel better about yourself and also SAVE time.
  • Nutritionally complete, vegan, has no gluten & has no dairy! It's also low in sugar, and blended with the recommended nutritional intakes of the average Filipino in mind - just the right balance of kcal, protein & fat!
  • Great taste! We have three flavors, and since it's not heavy on protein only, the taste is much more balanced. The creaminess may also vary according to your added water.

Flavors: French Vanilla, Creamy Chocolate & Japanese Matcha!

Instructions: 60g powder, fill the bottle with water not more than 40 degrees. Shake well.

Ingredients: maltodextrin (for carbohydrates & calories), soy protein isolate, pea protein, cocoa powder, triglyceride, coconut oil powder, polyglucose, isomaltose oligosaccharide, xylitol, mineral (zinc oxide, ferric phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide), vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin, folate, calcium, pantothenate, flavorings, silicon dioxide, sucralose.



If you're diabetic, consult your doctor & factor the carbohydrates, 4g sugar per serving into your overall diet.

For nursing / breastfeeding moms, consult your doctor: not recommended as a substitute.